Top 10 Rainwater Harvesting Companies in India

Rain Water Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is the best method or technology used to conserve rainwater to support the conservation of water by capturing rainwater, storing it, conveying the harvested water and purifying the rainwater that runs off from rooftops, hill slopes, parks, roads, open grounds, etc. for later use.

Nowadays, scarcity of water has become a significant cause and problem in our life.  Thus, conserving rainwater, which is pure and of good quality water, can be used in many ways like plant irrigation, washing and cleaning things, bathing, cooking and other livestock requirements.

Rainwater harvesting systems consist of the following components:

  • Catchment– It is used to collect and store the captured rainwater.
  • Conveyance system – It is used to transport the collected water from the catchment to the recharge zone.
  • Flush- It is used to flush out the dirts from the first spell of rain.
  • Filter – Used for filtering the harvested rainwater and removing pollutants and dirts.
  • Tanks and recharge structures -Used to store the filtered water which is ready to use.

The Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting are listed below in points, 

  • Rainwater harvesting is a relatively simple technology, easy to install and operate and has less installation cost.
  • It helps in reducing the water demands mainly in cities and in urban areas.
  • Rainwater harvesting increases water availability during dry seasons by increasing the levels of dried borewells and wells.
  • Reduces the need for imported water and also cost for transport.
  • It helps in both water and energy conservation.
  • Rainwater harvesting does not require filtration system for landscape irrigation.
  • It improves the quality and quantity of groundwater.
  • Rainwater harvesting reduces soil erosion, stormwater runoff, flooding, and pollution of surface water with fertilizers, pesticides, metals and other sediments.
  • It is an excellent source of water for landscape irrigation and many households purpose as it has no chemicals, dissolved salts and free from all minerals.
  • Rainwater harvesting also helps in the availability of potable water, as rainwater is substantially free of salinity and other salts.

Here are the top 10 Companies of Rainwater Harvesting

Rainy Filters

Farmland Rain Water Harvesting Systems (FLRWHS), founded in 2002, mainly aimed in end-to-end solutions for installations of rainwater harvesting systems including patented products and conserve every drop of rainwater by using continuous innovation.

Rainy Filters builds scientifically engineered systems of Rain Water Harvesting. It enables customers with modern technology, economical easy for installation, dual intensity filters, no external energy required works on gravitational force and high quality and easy to maintain products.

Rainy filters have its own research facility, which has our Hydraulic Testing Lab equipped with the latest machinery.

Visit Website:


Farmland Rainwater Harvesting Systems
No 648, Ground Floor,
11th cross, 7th Block, Jaya Nagar,
Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560070.

Contact Us: +91 73380 33790



Rainway Filters is the first innovative Rainwater Harvesting Filter with self-cleaning and auto First-Flush technology which works based on gravitational force.

It is developed from the feedback of various plumbers, clients, engineers of Bangalore Water Supply and Sewage Board (BWSSB) & Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology (KSCST) certified Rain Water Harvesting experts.

Its unique gravity-based design filtration system makes it works automatically.

The key point of Rainway Filters is its self-cleaning mechanism thereby eliminating the need of periodic maintenance.


Raintap Rainwater Harvesting Filter was Developed & Designed by Prof. A.R. Shivkumar who is known as “RAINMAN OF INDIA”. It was established in the year 2018 in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

Raintap is a simple, scientific and sensible rooftop rainwater harvesting filter which is compact, user friendly and requires negligible maintenance. It is flexible, truly modular and scalable for any size of roof. It has a unique safety feature of build in knob to allow drain of water in case of clogging of element to avoid stagnation of water on roof and also has a back wash nipple on the top of filter element to remove dried particles from filter.


NeeRain Rainwater Harvesting Filter are made with both Steel Filters and Polymer Filters. It offers Patent forwarded technologies to capture rainwater. NeeRain aims to enable and empower the habitats with easy, effective and economical products to harvest rainwater from their premises.

NeeRain is Government of India approved young start-up company, incubated at Cradle, EDII Gandhinagar backed by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.


RainO is founded after exploring various proficient technologies of water resourcing that was available for groundwater recharging.

RainO explored different designs and technologies that can filter out the water in the self-mechanism way, without the use of electricity but by gravitation that ensures the filtration of water irrespective of the amount of rainfall.

RainO Filter is simple yet effective ways to reinstate the conventional method of rain water harvesting.

Vardhman Envirotech

Vardhman Envirotech an ISO 9001: 2015 certified rain water harvesting company has built a system using old and golden principles, which is simple, scientific and sensible technology that bridges a gap between the scarcity of water and available fresh resource that is rainwater. This filter helps to Reuse rain water for your daily needs and further recharge ground water beneath.

Vardhman Envirotech is empanelled with many National, Multinational companies, leading architects and plumbing consultants for the production of Rainwater tank supplier and filters.

Jaldhara Water Harvesting Solutions

Jaldhara Water Harvesting Solutions was established in 2010 by Mr.Peeyush Sharma. It includes services in water conservation, annual maintenance services, implementation & consultancy.

Jaldhara Water Harvesting Solution’s main Mission is ‘Harvesting Rains for a Better World’ and thus to strive towards self-reliance in water availability.

It works in the technique in which rainwater falling on roofs and other surfaces is captured to be stored in a reservoir or recharged in the ground after providing it with suitable treatment.

Retas Enviro Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Retas Enviro Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers solutions in water conservation, watershed management, storm water management, modular rain water harvesting systems, and flood mitigating solutions.

Its main foundation is to build on the idea of conserving water, protecting the resource from depletion and keep evolving unless water remains a natural resource for everyone.

Retas design and manufacture “RAINMAXX Tanks” and execute modular rain water harvesting systems. Its modules are designed in such a way that it conserves rain water at its optimum level and helps the environment overall.

SSL Enterprises Rainy Roof

SSL Enterprises Rainy water filter has a simple, innovative, efficient award-winning water management technique. The main theme and focus of SSL Enterprises are around the most precious source of Life “Water” – Zero Power, Zero Chemical and Zero Maintenance water solutions for everyone.

   It has innovative features such as, Instant & Immediate Use of Rainwater,

Zero Power and No Maintenance, Self-Cleaning, Wall Mounting, Easy to Install and Auto Flush Out.

SSL Enterprises delivers products like rainy water filters, bore well recharge, the world’s first 2.2 lit per minute shower, instant off-water saver, aquaponics and water filtration products. SSL Enterprises is the authorized dealer of ‘Rainy’ roof water harvesting filters, and US brand ‘Sawyer’ filters both Zero Power and No Maintenance products.

Water Field India Pvt. Ltd.

Water field India is one of the experienced and market leading companies in Mumbai. It was Established in the year 2005. The company aims and considers it as a responsibility to create an eco-friendly environment and has also participates in consultation meetings held by Ministry of Water Resources Government of India.

It provides water management services and techniques for rainwater harvesting and ground water management and bore well services for more than 15 years.

Water Field India has listed on the RWH Expert Panel of Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) & Vasai-Virar City Municipal Corporation (VVCMC), & CIDCO Navi Mumbai.


Rainwater harvesting is the most efficient and eco-friendly technique to save water.   Rainy Filters gives best solutions for installations of rainwater harvesting systems. Its V-wire injection well technology helps in groundwater recharging and replenish the water table. Water Harvesting can reduce Global Warming and improves the hydrological cycle on earth. Rainy Filters are cost-effective, easily affordable and also helps in the availability of potable water.

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