how to do difficult person tests? What is Difficult People? How to Work with Difficult People?

Dealing with Difficult People

What is a difficult person tests? This article is about the different types of difficult people in the workplace, and how to deal with them.

Every living being in this world thrives to end suffering. In order to do so, he /she has to empathetically retrospect one’s own mind and bring serenity in actions, putting down the fuel of desires. Dealing with the changing world also means dealing with complicated people with a varsity of behavioral straits and perceptions. How we conceive things that we deal with defines how well or ill we are.

The opinion about others is just the mental projection of our mind. The daily routine consists of many risks we tackle and learn. One among them is dealing with difficult people who may be class, college mates, office colleagues, managers, relatives, public servants, robbers, short or long time fellow travelers, life partners.

Difficult people are a disparaging package of Irritation, deep-rooted hate, continuous verbal conflict, resentment conveyed in body gesture, non-communication, bellowing in front of the public, leave destructive footprints of deep scar in both the offensive and offended minds. Thus, dealing with them may be difficult initially, but with practice and understanding, to grow patience and compassion in bridging the widening gap.

In general, the difficulty arises to normalcy when they got absolved from pessimism, emotional imbalance, lack of self-respect, disturbed past experience, and ignorance. When a person behaves in an insensitive way instead of nodding, rolling your eyes, cringing teeth, chose your words carefully, utter gently keeping in mind that you are attentive and care about his/her happiness too without losing yours. Do things with a smile.  Eventually, you may notice a radical change in the opponent’s behavior.

More often we have witnessed people treat ruthless with rudeness, hatred gives birth to the hatred that ends up things worse than earlier. If someone is harsh to you, ignore their attitude and let their ignorance doesn’t affect you whatsoever. replace hate with compassion and placidity in your thoughts.

  • Difficult people in personal relationships cause severe damage to social expansion & personal empathy. Sympathy can’t be full time contributor for resolving the problem. One can’t catch fish in muddled waters. Thus, give time, space and position and ofcourse, engaging with care and love, within adequate time understanding deepens and dissolve hate.
  • Difficult people in workplace or business spoils the team spirit and it may cause cost to the company in terms of productivity, promotion or any other monetary gain. Conflict of interests can be resolved with clear cut work goals, communication mechanism in place, trustworthy team members, enrolling right candidates with appropriate skills for the business requirements are the effective methods on keeping out of the problem.

Difficult people see, take and do quite differently from the others/ What is happiness to one seems to be hellish to them. They are mostly non-communicative in nature. These difficult people exist because things are completely void, things are dependent arisings, depending on causes and conditions, as their harmful thought serve the base, and believing in those things end up as rippling effect in the actions. An idle brain without the nobility of virtues is a devil’s workshop.

With some difficult people, no effort of patience and compassion will affect them even after multiple encounters with you, it’s time to give room for the person to do a retrospective. Not only that, they negatively influence many other people, who then lose faith, and also create a lot of heavy adversary effects battering in the vicious realms of suffering.

Otherwise, having a rough start of the day, hastiness & hidden pressure due to personal hiccups, and for multiple reasons, the tediousness with people in communication and coordination to achieve a common goal occur to be troublesome. However, this is a transient phase and the behavior is temporary, their unkind behavior in the nick of the moment is forgivable.

Wise people used to say that in order to liberate sentient beings from the oceans of suffering and bring happiness one should have more compassion to cherish those sentient beings who are more evil, heretical, self-centric, who burdened themselves with more suffering.

Doing good things to them also torments them. But they exist as help to remind our short-mindedness. The thought transformation by practicing meditation heightens tolerance and compassion not only within us and also practiced to get rid of others too.

These difficult people exist because things are empty, totally empty, things are dependent arisings, depending on causes and conditions, on the illogical thought as the base and believing in that the effect.


Our life has a primary purpose. It is the cultivation of our mind that can be staged into three below aspects.

1. Cultivating kindness for oneself.

2. Cultivating kindness for someone we’re in conflict with.

3. Cultivating an attitude of kindness toward anyone we might encounter.

Being kind to ourselves helps tremendously to uplift another person’s happiness and well-being, and we are vigilant enough to watch what thoughts are cooked up in our mind so that we do not hurt others intentionally as well as unintentionally.

Whenever we face a difficult person let us remember these words of Oscar Wilde:

“It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious.”

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